Michelle Albarran, an abstract artist who work with her emotions in mixed media using the concept of movement in life and time, focuses directly on her surrounding environment. Her art embodies everyday experiences or memories such as death, life, and anxiety. 

A visual image that reflects on one’s emotions and personality.

Negative space, is typically empty and lacks details as to enhance visual hierarchy and keep the focus on the key elements — the initials of “M” and “A,” and the seashell. 

Seashell serves as powerful symbols of our innermost sanctuary and the interconnectedness of all living things, similarly reflecting the letter “M” within the letter “A”. As a place of safety and comfort that we withdraw into when the world becomes overwhelming, we are confronted with the uncertainties and challenges of life, testing our boundaries and nervous systems as we navigate the tumultuous waters of existence. With a touch of brown, it evokes feelings while connote comfort and contentment. 

The composition of negative space.